Rebooting Malaysia

Political stability is key to macroeconomic stability and growth. In every economic crisis, there are bound to be some structural damages and weaknesses that require remedies and quick reforms so as to put the country’s economy back on the right track and to grow sustainably. Financial and economic resilience must be enhanced to ensure an entrenched recovery and sustainable economic expansion after emerging from either a major financial or economic crisis.

Poverty alleviation in Malaysia and what we could learn from China

What the poor need are more sustainable avenues for steady income, paths to existing poverty via education and micro-loans, avenues for training or reskilling and aid to carry them through times such as the pandemic or financial downturns.

Malaysians need to fully embrace that poverty is our problem not just a problem for the poor and true progress can only be made when we all make poverty alleviation a collective goal.

Philippine Congress approves anti-terror law more ‘urgent’ than coronavirus

The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 allows for warrantless arrests, 14-day detentions without charge and the creation of an Anti-Terror Council. The government insists the measures are aimed at combating terrorism but activists fear the vague definition of “terrorist act” used in the act means it could be used to clamp down on political opponents.