Is Mahathir Trying To Kill Pakatan Harapan Or Perikatan Nasional?

Mahathir’s other concern is, once he steps down as Prime Minister, will Pakatan Harapan leave him alone? The only way Pakatan Harapan will continue to get support from the voters would be if they put Mahathir in jail for the many crimes he has committed. The most obvious of those crimes is the RM31.5 billion FOREX scandal, which both Lim Kit Siang and Anwar have said Mahathir is guilty of and should be jailed for.

Malaysia’s ‘Malay-first but multiracial’ winning formula in politics faces test

Arguably, sticking to the Malay-led multiracial formula remains, for now, the best approach to governing Malaysia. However, politicians must not lose sight of the merit-based multicultural idealism upheld by many young Malaysians. The test will be whether Perikatan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan can secure victory through an alternative formula in the next election