Rebooting Malaysia

Political stability is key to macroeconomic stability and growth. In every economic crisis, there are bound to be some structural damages and weaknesses that require remedies and quick reforms so as to put the country’s economy back on the right track and to grow sustainably. Financial and economic resilience must be enhanced to ensure an entrenched recovery and sustainable economic expansion after emerging from either a major financial or economic crisis.

How Pakatan lost half its states, after prematurely ceding federal power in the 2020 political crisis

Switching of political allegiances was instrumental after GE14 to resolve deadlocks and determine who would form the new state government, with the same tactic of defections also being used during and after the 2020 political crisis

Contracts and Covid-19 : Will ‘force majeure’ be invoked?

The doctrine of frustration has similar effect to a force majeure clause, in that it relieves a party from contractual obligations if an intervening event has disrupted continued performance of the contract. But, case law shows that the frustration principle is justifiably applied sparingly such that a contract is not frustrated just because it becomes more difficult to perform

Antagonism between China and US entering its most dangerous phase yet

We are entering the most dangerous phase yet in the antagonism between these great powers. With so much political pressure on both regimes, with so much military posturing, and so much nationalism afoot, the least maritime bump or aviation scrape between the two could set off not a Cold War but a very hot one.

Mahathir & Anwar: Too little, too late

PH, however, proved incapable of working together to advance the people’s agenda. And for that, Mahathir must shoulder much of the blame. Right from the beginning, he sought to manipulate parties and personalities in pursuit of his own ambitions. He walked back on manifesto promises; he flirted with UMNO and PAS; he indulged his enormous appetite for race-based politics.