Mersing parliamentary seat belongs to Umno, declares Zahid

Zahid said regardless whether Latiff apologised or not the Mersing seat remained Umno’s. Najib Razak also had criticised Latiff for playing down the party’s popularity in Sabah. Najib had also said Umno would take Mersing back.


Perhaps if there was any weakness in Najib, it must have been his trust on some people. Najib believed that with everything he had done for the country, the rakyat would not fall into the PH’s constant slander . He was gravely mistaken. Mahathir won the emotions of the people with his smear campaigns.

The Next 100 days: The Battle for Malaysia’s Soul

After a 100 days under the Old Order, many Malaysians now realise that while the Pakatan government was not perfect it was trying to do good. It was perhaps clumsy, but it was honest. Malaysians have to protect the fruits of democracy together, to build back better, we need everyone who dreams of clean government and of democratic space to come together, and in our turn, to push back the Old Order (UMNO).