Shahrir doesn’t want Umno & PAS to endorse Muhyiddin yet

“Do we need to settle who becomes PM first? Why are things done backwards? Shouldn’t we first solve how BN (Barisan Nasional), Muafakat Nasional and/or Perikatan will enter GE15?

Malaysia’s ‘Malay-first but multiracial’ winning formula in politics faces test

Arguably, sticking to the Malay-led multiracial formula remains, for now, the best approach to governing Malaysia. However, politicians must not lose sight of the merit-based multicultural idealism upheld by many young Malaysians. The test will be whether Perikatan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan can secure victory through an alternative formula in the next election

PH at a crossroads

Mahathir still longs to be PM, but whatever next course of action he takes will not have Anwar as a factor. The good news is, he is no longer bound by Anwar; and the bad news is, he may lose the support of PKR’s 38 MPs. Mahathir is going to take to bring down Muhyiddin include a no-confidence motion, or a statutory declaration to be handed to the King that will not include PKR’s 38 names.

A letter to Dr Mahathir

Our questions are:
What guarantee will be available that a handover of power will be made to Anwar after the said six months given your ambiguous nature over that issue in the recent past? Will it be at the cost of dissolving the government once again?

The world is changing, we need a leader who is with the people at present times. We have to make brave and confront the challenging times

Muhyiddin chose to be Gus Dur when he could have been Habibie

This is not the story of Muhyiddin Yassin saving Malaysia from unprecedented political turmoil. As the leaked Bersatu recordings suggested, how could he be our saviour when the hullabaloo was all of his own planning?

On the contrary, this is the story of the late B.J. Habibie, beloved third president of the Republic of Indonesia who held the unwanted record of being the shortest-serving president in the country’s history.

The Next 100 days: The Battle for Malaysia’s Soul

After a 100 days under the Old Order, many Malaysians now realise that while the Pakatan government was not perfect it was trying to do good. It was perhaps clumsy, but it was honest. Malaysians have to protect the fruits of democracy together, to build back better, we need everyone who dreams of clean government and of democratic space to come together, and in our turn, to push back the Old Order (UMNO).