A Merdeka strategy to retake Malaysia

I would like to remind Malaysians that different times call for a different gaming scenario. To change, we must all expect to do different things and hold off our emotions that was based on a narrow interpretation of the past. If we start alluding to the past actions of individuals which we never understood fully in the first place, then we would go nowhere. If we also think that change can come by us turning up to vote and waiting two hours to mark an X, that time has past. We need to do 200% more than that. This gaming scenario is predicated on the assumption that Malaysians who want change must come out strongly and sacrifice much to affect the desired outcome. Without that will, this gaming scenario is just another story structure for a harmless online game.

New Normal : The New Age of Coalition Politics

Appreciating the prospect of not having a single dominant party in the foreseeable future would help us to consider seriously how we are to achieve stable governments, how we are to deal with the problem of partners fighting over who is to become Prime Minister, and how we are to help the voting public decide on what sort of coalitions to support.