Should Malaysians support Amanah and the Reformist?

To change Malaysia, the Islamic Reformist of Amanah, ABIM and IKRAM must take center stage and take the middle class Muslims who are stuck in a trench of conservatism and extremism, without knowing either! Middle class Muslims just want to be good people but they are presented with a toxic package of Islam that will destroy Malaysia. The Islamic Reformists must retake the platform and replace the packages of Islam with an Islamic package of tolerance, compassion and progressiveness.

Pani Puri : India’s favourite street food

Pani puri seems like nothing special. The word itself is a combination of pani (water, which in this case, refers to the diluted chutneys) and puri (the fried discs of dough). The crisp, thin puri, which is about the size of a circle made by your forefinger touching your thumb, puffs up upon frying to create a hollow core.

Poverty alleviation in Malaysia and what we could learn from China

What the poor need are more sustainable avenues for steady income, paths to existing poverty via education and micro-loans, avenues for training or reskilling and aid to carry them through times such as the pandemic or financial downturns.

Malaysians need to fully embrace that poverty is our problem not just a problem for the poor and true progress can only be made when we all make poverty alleviation a collective goal.