The bonus in Mahathir’s plan is a slot for son Mukhriz

Regardless how the Pakatan presidential council decides, Mahathir’s detractors and doubters have got it right on one point and are now proclaiming to everyone what ultimately is the 94-year-old’s objective – and that is about having the window to be able to Mukhriz somewhere into the equation to be deputy prime minister 2 in a country where there is no provision even for a deputy PM

Should Malaysians support Amanah and the Reformist?

To change Malaysia, the Islamic Reformist of Amanah, ABIM and IKRAM must take center stage and take the middle class Muslims who are stuck in a trench of conservatism and extremism, without knowing either! Middle class Muslims just want to be good people but they are presented with a toxic package of Islam that will destroy Malaysia. The Islamic Reformists must retake the platform and replace the packages of Islam with an Islamic package of tolerance, compassion and progressiveness.

A letter to Dr Mahathir

Our questions are:
What guarantee will be available that a handover of power will be made to Anwar after the said six months given your ambiguous nature over that issue in the recent past? Will it be at the cost of dissolving the government once again?

The world is changing, we need a leader who is with the people at present times. We have to make brave and confront the challenging times

PNB confirms Jalil Rasheed quit as chief, successor already greenlit

Jalil’s decision was caused by a series of harrasments that made him fear for the safety of his family. He received hate calls, and his corporate email account and LinkedIn social media profile were hacked.
“In the end, I decided that it would be unfair to my family should matters escalate. We made a big financial and family sacrifice to relocate back to KL from Singapore because I truly wanted to contribute to nation building.”