China’s ‘hybrid war’: Beijing’s mass surveillance of Australia and the world for secrets and scandal

Of the 250,000 records recovered, there are 52,000 on Americans, 35,000 Australians, 10,000 Indian, 9,700 British, 5,000 Canadians, 2,100 Indonesians, 1,400 Malaysia and 138 from Papua New Guinea.

There are 793 New Zealanders profiled in the database, of whom 734 are tagged of special interest or politically exposed.

Muhyiddin chose to be Gus Dur when he could have been Habibie

This is not the story of Muhyiddin Yassin saving Malaysia from unprecedented political turmoil. As the leaked Bersatu recordings suggested, how could he be our saviour when the hullabaloo was all of his own planning?

On the contrary, this is the story of the late B.J. Habibie, beloved third president of the Republic of Indonesia who held the unwanted record of being the shortest-serving president in the country’s history.