Pakatan’s gifts to Malaysian democracy

There are massive questions about Pakatan Harapan’s future. Pakatan’s past is far more substantial than decorative despite its disappointing present. The speed of recovery will be decided by how adaptable what’s left of Pakatan can be.
Again, that’s for its leaders to decide.
As for regular voters who love democracy, and are here for the long run, Malaysia’s better for the Pakatan experiment.
We should thank the coalition for services rendered.

Different names for the same thing: New Order still lingers 22 years after Soeharto’s fall

Many feel the ghost of the New Order still haunts the halls of power. A number of retired generals, members of the elite and cronies who gained influence during Soeharto’s decades-long reign have secured strategic positions in Jokowi’s administration, even today, thanks to the long-standing practice of political transactions among the country’s oligarchs.