The RED BULL story: how world’s top energy drink began in Thailand, but it took an Austrian to make it a global phenomenon

A brand was created and cultivated which associated Red Bull with a designer image and glamorous lifestyles; it locked into youth culture and extreme and adventure-related sports, such as motor racing, mountain-biking, snowboarding and base-jumping, as well as dance music. Red Bull’s target consumer segment began to adopt nicknames for the product such as “speed in a can”, helping spread its “left-field” appeal.

President Duterte paying Filipinos to move from city to countryside as coronavirus hits jobs

A reason to reduce overcrowding in Manila, which in recent decades has swelled into one of the most heavily populated areas on Earth. President Duterte is offering cash and goods to induce city-dwellers to move out of the greater capital region in an ambitious programme called “Back to the Province”, one of the most aggressive attempts in decades to lure Filipinos to the countryside.