Merdeka 2020: From the frying pan into the fire. The new colonizers (penjajah) are Umno/Umno-Baru/PASUmno/PN… all carry the Umno-Baru DNA. Let’s try for a Second Merdeka.

Many Malays cannot handle and manage power and money. They become arrogant and greed. So, where is the Malay dignity that our leaders often speak of? After 63 years of Merdeka, the people are still suffering. If appears that we have jumped out of the crocodile’s mouth, into the fire. Or as the Malay saying goes, “From the crocodile’s mouth, straight into the tiger’s mouth”. In GE-15 or any by-election, please vote for a person with principle.

We are the greatest hurdle faced by Malaysia

If you are fed-up with how things are done in Malaysia, don’t just be a bystander, do something about it. No-one said that Malaysia would become perfect in one year. No-one said it would be easy or that reforms could be made overnight. All Malaysians deserve a better tomorrow. I know that many Malaysians have yet to be registered as voters. Please do so tomorrow. Every vote counts.