The RED BULL story: how world’s top energy drink began in Thailand, but it took an Austrian to make it a global phenomenon

A brand was created and cultivated which associated Red Bull with a designer image and glamorous lifestyles; it locked into youth culture and extreme and adventure-related sports, such as motor racing, mountain-biking, snowboarding and base-jumping, as well as dance music. Red Bull’s target consumer segment began to adopt nicknames for the product such as “speed in a can”, helping spread its “left-field” appeal.

$33b set aside in Fortitude Budget, bringing Singapore’s Covid-19 war chest to nearly $100 billion

The Singapore Government will draw S$31 billion from past reserves to fund the measures in the Fortitude Budget, with a larger sum set aside for contingencies.

Altogether, Singapore is drawing up to a total of S$52 billion from past reserves this financial year – an unprecedented amount.