Malaysia : The astronomical cost of political treachery

Devoid of political legitimacy and with uncertain support in parliament, PM is now dependent upon a clutch of MPs, furthering their own ambitions. To survive, he will have to give more and more of the shop away, to buy the loyalty of politicians with all manner of appointments and sweetheart deals

No-Confidence Vote Delay In Malaysia: Muhyiddin On Shaky Ground? – Analysis

The Muhyiddin government has delayed a widely anticipated vote of no confidence on his prime ministership when parliament reconvenes on 18 May. Is the new prime minister, whose legitimacy is being contested, feeling insecure? Or does he have the requisite numbers to support him — or is it both?

The Strange Case of Muhyiddin Yassin (Part II)

He was very friendly to me, as always. But I detected a change in his view. For him, if nothing was changed in Pakatan, then Bersatu would lose badly in the next general election. I gave him a counterview that Bersatu would be eaten up alive by UMNO and PAS in any form of Malay unity coalition, hence the best partner for Bersatu was DAP as there would be little competition in seats.

The Strange Case of Muhyiddin Yassin (Part I)

Muhyiddin was less ambitious at that time because he thought his party would still have to work with PAS whereas Dr Mahathir had discounted the Islamist party which he saw as nothing but Najib’s collaborator.

The insatiable Azmin was still pushing for the Muhyiddin-Azmin as PM-DPM but Muhyiddin was not involved.