Is it the end of the road for Mahathir?

Malaysia’s grand old man is used to having his way. Everyone has seen how he can damage those who do not do what he wants. He was never aggressive, he did not raise his voice even though we know he would not back down. We are not sure what he will do but this is the chance to make a fresh start. It is time for Mahathir to support Anwar.

The Strange Case of Muhyiddin Yassin (Part I)

Muhyiddin was less ambitious at that time because he thought his party would still have to work with PAS whereas Dr Mahathir had discounted the Islamist party which he saw as nothing but Najib’s collaborator.

The insatiable Azmin was still pushing for the Muhyiddin-Azmin as PM-DPM but Muhyiddin was not involved.