Malaysia’s ‘Malay-first but multiracial’ winning formula in politics faces test

Arguably, sticking to the Malay-led multiracial formula remains, for now, the best approach to governing Malaysia. However, politicians must not lose sight of the merit-based multicultural idealism upheld by many young Malaysians. The test will be whether Perikatan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan can secure victory through an alternative formula in the next election

Should Malaysians support Amanah and the Reformist?

To change Malaysia, the Islamic Reformist of Amanah, ABIM and IKRAM must take center stage and take the middle class Muslims who are stuck in a trench of conservatism and extremism, without knowing either! Middle class Muslims just want to be good people but they are presented with a toxic package of Islam that will destroy Malaysia. The Islamic Reformists must retake the platform and replace the packages of Islam with an Islamic package of tolerance, compassion and progressiveness.

Is it the end of the road for Mahathir?

Malaysia’s grand old man is used to having his way. Everyone has seen how he can damage those who do not do what he wants. He was never aggressive, he did not raise his voice even though we know he would not back down. We are not sure what he will do but this is the chance to make a fresh start. It is time for Mahathir to support Anwar.