Could eating ants help us live longer?

The most important day of the year in Barichara, a colonial town in the Colombian Andes, is La Salida. When that day arrives, they are all in search of the precious hormigas culonas, or “big-butt” ants, that are considered the caviar of Colombia’s north-central Santander region. Each spring as millions of these ample-bottomed insects hatch in the surrounding countryside, the annual harvest frenzy ensues.

We are the greatest hurdle faced by Malaysia

If you are fed-up with how things are done in Malaysia, don’t just be a bystander, do something about it. No-one said that Malaysia would become perfect in one year. No-one said it would be easy or that reforms could be made overnight. All Malaysians deserve a better tomorrow. I know that many Malaysians have yet to be registered as voters. Please do so tomorrow. Every vote counts.