Hung Malacca assembly? Impossible, says confident incumbent CM

Sulaiman is confident a single coalition will be victorious.

MALACCA POLLS | Incumbent Malacca chief minister Sulaiman Md Ali is confident that one coalition will emerge with a sufficient majority in the state polls and there won’t be a hung state assembly.

The clash of three major coalitions in the Malacca polls, comprising BN, PN and Pakatan Harapan had led to speculations of a hung state assembly where all three coalitions could not win 15 seats or more in order to form the state government on their own.

Asked to give his thoughts on such a scenario, Sulaiman’s (below) response was simple: “Impossible”.

Sulaiman believes that at least for Umno, the party will be able to win all the seats they are contesting in the Malacca polls.

“We are confident that we will win the 20 seats we are contesting,” he said in Pantai Kundor, Malacca on Saturday evening.

There are a total of 28 seats up for grabs. The remaining eight seats are being contested by MCA and MIC under the BN ticket.

Sulaiman was visiting Pantai Kundor to assist the BN candidate there.

BN’s Pantai Kundor candidate is Tuminah Kadi. She is facing against his former Umno colleague Nor Azman Hassan, who is contesting as a Harapan candidate, and PN’s Mohamad Ridzwan Mustafa.

Sulaiman himself is defending the Lendu state seat, which is a BN stronghold.

Pantai Kundor is a more challenging constituency, although BN has always won the seat.

Nor Azman is the incumbent in the Pantai Kundor seat. In the last general election, he won the seat under BN’s ticket with only a 772-vote majority.

Sulaiman said any decision for BN to cooperate with other coalitions in the state will only come after the polls have concluded.

“We’ll wait after the election. We’re confident we can retain the government,” he said.

Campaigning for the Malacca polls started on Nov 8. Malaccans will cast their votes on Nov 20.

BN, PN and Harapan are facing off against each other in all 28 seats.


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