“Bersatu will get wiped out!”: Netizens counter Muhyiddin’s threat to UMNO

WITH Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin saying that he can trigger political instability in Johor if he wants, the public took to social media to mock the leader.

“Of cos la u won’t as that will be the end of Bersatu in Johor,” said user Lin Shea Jen.

User Sivanesan Navaratnam Sivanesan echoed Lin’s sentiments, adding: “U wont coz u r scared bersatu wil bkecai (get decimated) in Johor.”

Netizen Yowteng Lee noted: “Aiyah you got no guts! Pull the plug and Bersatu will be decimated! Just one more week and see Bersatu hangus (turn into dust)!”

Yesterday, Muhyiddin criticised UMNO veteran Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad for challenging his party to withdraw support from the Johor state government, which is currently helmed by UMNO.

Calling Shahrir a foolish man, the former premier added that the UMNO leader was making irresponsible challenges when such a move could trigger snap polls in Johor, which was not conducive due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“I know Shahrir and he has bad intentions. He wants the same thing that happened in Melaka to happen in Johor.

“Don’t challenge me. I can press the button and make things happen but my concern is the wellbeing of the people.

“I’m not afraid of challenges but I don’t wish to see Johor people having to face the same predicament as those in Melaka. I’m from Johor and I know the ground sentiment,” the Pagoh MP was reported saying.

All talk, no action

On that note, user Su Tan said that while in power, Muhyiddin got greedy and wanted to have it all but now no longer at helm, he was at the losing end.

“While you were in power, you were too greedy wanting so many goals, that you kept the ball with you without knowing how to shoot. Now the ball is no longer with you. You have lost the game!”

User Quinn Yong remarked: “Haha…you (only know how to spout out empty words). Last time your (failed) team (kept disregarding SOPs), but did you dare to do anything about it? Nothing happened until today!

“All (of them are unpunished for disregarding SOPs) and all (of the) cases (have disappeared) now….that’s why your words mean nothing….resign immediately from politics.”


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