It’s confirmed, Adly is PH’s CM candidate

PH’s Melaka manifesto proposes exco rank for opposition leader

MELAKA: Pakatan Harapan has finally decided to name state chairman Adly Zahari as its candidate for the Melaka chief minister’s post should the coalition win the state election.

PH chairman Anwar Ibrahim announced this at a press conference today, joined by Adly, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu.

This comes after Lim had urged PH to officially announce Adly as its chief minister-designate, following speculation that former Sungai Udang assemblyman Idris Haron would be named for the post.

Anwar said politicians who use their power to profit from the people should be rejected, and that power was in the hands of the people of Melaka.

“The people have a choice. They can decide if they want to maintain a rotten government system, or a government based on ethical principles,” he said.

He also said that PH wanted to send a clear message to the people of Melaka that the coalition was united by deciding on one candidate for the chief minister’s post.

Lim said the people of Melaka should “punish” the former state government for its failure in handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also said PH represented all people, regardless of race and background.

Adly Zahari is Pakatan Haparan’s choice for chief minister should it win the Melaka state election. (Bernama pic)

After being confirmed as PH’s chief minister-designate, Adly Zahari announced the manifesto, which is based on three core areas, focusing on welfare, economy and governance.

The coalition also pledged to enact an anti-party hopping enactment should it form the state government, as well as equal allocations for all 28 assemblymen, regardless of political party.

The pledge on equal funding was also announced in Barisan Nasional’s manifesto, just hours earlier.

Adly was joined by PH chairman and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu at the press conference.

He said PH would make it mandatory for all assemblymen to declare their assets, while making open tenders the core of the next state government’s procurement process.

PH’s manifesto also aims to set up two funds to protect people from the physical and mental effects of Covid-19, as well as several welfare schemes aimed at improving the standard of living in the state.

In terms of economy, PH will seek to establish a job opportunity scheme for residents as well as a fund specifically to help the tourism industry recover. It will also create a Harapan micro-credit scheme.

Anwar Ibrahim (centre), Adly Zahari (right) and PH leaders at the unveiling of the coalition’s manifesto on Wednesday

These initiatives are aimed at creating job opportunities, stimulating business for small- and medium-sized enterprises and boosting investments.

Adly pointed out that the former PH state administration was able to fulfil 62 of its 85 manifesto promises for GE14 within 18 months, including providing free bus services, the construction of 100 free homes, and uplifting 1,070 families from poverty.

Both PH and BN announced their manifestos today, while Perikatan Nasional has yet to make such an announcement.

Melaka goes to the polls on Nov 20, with early voting slated for Nov 16.


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