Hadi: PAS is a ‘kingmaker’, Muafakat not a ‘closed’ charter

MUKTAMAR | PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said his party became a “kingmaker” by joining both Muafakat Nasional and Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Hadi said this in the opening of his policy speech at the 67th PAS Muktamar (annual delegates assembly) in Kuala Terengganu today.

“Let us all say alhamdulillah (praise be to God). God’s blessing allowed us to be steadfast in Islamic principles. We succeeded in achieving Islah and Tajdid based on the challenging situation and reality of today.

“Eventually, we became the ‘kingmaker’ with our friends in Muafakat and PN. We now lead the federal government,” said Hadi.

PAS signed the Muafakat charter with Umno in September 2019. However, ties between the two parties appear lukewarm and the two parties might face each other during the Malacca elections.

In contrast, PN considers PAS as a full-fledged coalition partner. PAS has committed to using PN’s logo during the Malacca elections.

PAS wants both Muafakat and PN

This is not the first time Hadi had described his party as a “kingmaker” as he made similar remarks during the PAS Youth muktamar last year.

However, Hadi’s policy speech this year has more details of his ideas on how PAS fits into both Muafakat and PN.

Hadi explained that PAS’ agenda was represented through both Muafakat and PN. Muafakat, he said, was a platform to promote “Islamic leadership and unity of the ummah”.

PN, he said, was formed later as a coalition that represented all religions and ethnic groups. Hadi said PN, as a coalition, respected the Federal Constitution and was the formula for national unity which the party wanted to promote.

“Therefore, we reject any efforts to form a new alignment based on whatever brand or changes that are being proposed.

“It has to be stressed that Muafakat is formed based on a charter that is open and not closed.

“We also formed PN, which is open and strong. All this allowed us to take over the federal government. We have planted a seed that has now sprouted and it is flourishing,” he said.

No to ‘closed deals’

Hadi urged his followers to reject any suggestions to allow “undesirable plants” or “pests” to grow, in an apparent warning to detractors.

PAS, said Hadi, must never be confined to “closed deals” and be a “passenger” in Malaysian politics.

“Instead, we must be leaders alongside our allies until we receive the support of the rakyat to save the country through Islam that is promoted by PAS.

“To ensure that PAS can uphold principled Islamic leadership, PAS must become the deciding factor in the 15th general election based on the number of seats won, not the number of seats being contested,” he said.

He stressed that the party has given a mandate to the Syura Council and the PAS central committee to decide on all rules, policies and strategies for the party’s election preparation and affairs after elections.

‘PAS saved Umno’

Hadi also told his followers that PAS has played a major role in ensuring major Muslim groups in the country stay united.

He said uniting Muslims was an Islamic virtue and it was not uncommon to come across Muslim groups who prefer conflict.

“Surah al-Hujurat has given us guidance. We should mend relationships among Muslims who are in conflict. Even if one side is acting unreasonable, we must invite them to return to Islam and strengthen the bond between Muslims.

“Therefore, PAS has learned from this and united major Islamic parties. We saved Umno who was incapacitated after the 14th general election and Bersatu which was in its nascent stages, formed through Umno’s internal conflict.

“Both parties can now see eye-to-eye because of PAS, through Muafakat and PN. PAS is a peacemaker,” he said.

Malaysiakini is barred from covering the PAS Muktamar on site and will cover the event remotely.


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