BN not collaborating with others in Malacca, fields mostly new faces

Only five of 13 incumbents retained. Umno fields two more candidates than in 2018.

MALACCA POLLS | Malacca BN will field mostly new faces for the upcoming state legislative assembly elections.

Only five of the 13 incumbents were retained. Five of the 28 candidates are women (17.9 percent).

The lion’s share of candidates will go to Umno (20), up from 18 in 2018.

MCA will field seven candidates – one fewer compared to 2018.

MIC will field one candidate, same as before.

The Pengkalan Batu seat, which was previously allocated to Gerakan, has now been allocated to Umno.

MCA will also concede the Duyong seat to Umno.

BN will be fielding three candidates who lost during the 2018 elections – Lim Ban Hong (Kelebang), Koh Chin Han (Bemban) and Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman (Telok Mas).

MCA will also concede the Duyong seat to Umno.

He also confirmed that Melaka BN chairman and Umno strongman Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh will be contesting the Tg Bidara seat, while Lendu incumbent Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali remains the “poster boy” to lead the state.

“He (Sulaiman) will be our poster boy for the chief minister’s (CM) position, but he has to first win his seat,” said Mohamad, popularly known as Tok Mat.

Interestingly, Umno retained Muhammad Jailani Khamis as their candidate for Rembia, even though he only joined the party in January this year.

During the 2018 elections, Jailani, as a PKR candidate, wrested the seat from Umno. Jailani defected from PKR last March.

The candidates were announced by deputy BN chief Mohamad Hasan. He was accompanied by BN advisor Najib Abdul Razak and MCA president Wee Ka Siong.

Mohamad declared that BN will be contesting under its own logo.

“BN is going in alone. Let me repeat myself, there is no question of working with anyone,” he said during a broadcasted press conference this morning.

This means the political front will not be working with Muafakat Nasional partners PAS or federal government allies Perikatan Nasional and Bersatu.

With Pakatan Harapan in the fray, this could potentially set them up for three-cornered fights.

Nomination day is on Monday (Nov 8) and polling day is on Nov 20.

The full list of BN candidates, where a * denotes an incumbent, are as follows:

  1. Kuala Linggi – Rosli Abdullah* (Umno)
  2. Tanjung Bidara – Ab Rauf Yusoh (Umno)
  3. Ayer Limau – Hameed Mytheen Kunju Basheer (Umno)
  4. Lendu – Sulaiman Md Ali* (Umno)
  5. Taboh Naning – Zulkiflee Hj Mohd Zin (Umno)
  6. Rembia – Muhammad Jailani Khamis* (Umno)
  7. Gadek – Nadarajah Sellappa (MIC)
  8. Machap Jaya – Ngwe Hee Sem (MCA)
  9. Durian Tunggal – Zahari Abd Kalil (Umno)
  10. Asahan – Fairul Nizam Roslan (Umno)
  11. Sungai Udang – Fasarul Md Isa (Umno)
  12. Pantai Kundor – Mohamad Ali Haji Mohamad (Umno)
  13. Paya Rumput – Rais Yasin (Umno)
  14. Kelebang – Lim Ban Hong (MCA)
  15. Pengkalan Batu – Kalsom Nordin (Umno)
  16. Ayer Keroh – Yong Fun Juan (MCA)
  17. Bukit Katil – Hasnoor Sdg Husin (Umno)
  18. Ayer Molek – Rahmad Mariman* (Umno)
  19. Kesidang – Leong Hui Ying (MCA)
  20. Kota Laksamana – Benjaminn Low Chin Hong(MCA)
  21. Duyong – Mohd Noor Helmy Abdul Halem (Umno)
  22. Bandar Hilir – Lee Kah Sean (MCA)
  23. Telok Mas – Abdul Razak Hj Abdul Rahman (Umno)
  24. Bemban – Koh Chin Han (MCA)
  25. Rim – Khaidiriah Abu Zahar (Umno)
  26. Serkam – Zaidi Attan* (Umno)
  27. Merlimau – Dr Muhammad Akmal Saleh (Umno)
  28. Sungai Rambai – Siti Faizah Abdul Azis (Umno)


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