Adly the best man for CM post, says Melaka PKR chief

MELAKA: Former Bukit Katil assemblyman Adly Zahari is the best man to lead Melaka, according to state PKR chief Halim Bachik, who cited the former chief minister’s performance during his 22 months leading the state.

In an interview with FMT, Halim said Adly performed very well during his short-lived tenure, adding that the Amanah vice-president was well-supported both in his Pakatan Harapan administration and at the grassroots level.

“In essence, we do feel that Adly is the best man for the job,” he said, though he maintained that PH’s choice of chief minister would be finalised later by the coalition’s top leaders.

“We need to take over the state government first at the state polls before we make a decision, and the decision will be made by the central leadership, not at the state level.”

Halim was very confident that PH could snatch a win at the state election, especially with Barisan Nasional (BN) and Perikatan Nasional (PN) likely to clash.

The key for PH, he said, would be mixed seats, as a skirmish between BN and PN would split Malay votes, especially in the rural areas.

“We are highly confident that we can win in mixed seats, around 18 state constituencies. But, of course, the win won’t come easily but through hard work. We have to be on the ground.

Melaka PKR leader Halim Bachik says mixed seats hold the key to a PH victory.

“We will have various methods to campaign this time around. Though an election without campaigning means less fanfare, we have our ways to win the hearts of the people.”

He maintained that changing the administration at the state assembly would have been a better move than holding fresh elections, pointing out that it would cost some RM46 million.

But since the state polls are going ahead, he said Melaka needed leaders who were in touch with the people’s needs and capable of looking after Malaccans, especially in the areas of health and economy.

“If we’re only thinking of megaprojects while the rural areas get left behind, that’s not a smart leader. We want a leader who can be just to all, whether those in the rural areas or in the city. We want to look for a leader who understands, knows and feels the people’s heartbeat,” he said.

By : Nicholas Chung – FMT

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