Gloucester mechanic retires after 75 years with same company

A 90-year-old mechanic who says he carried on working because it kept him young has retired after 75 years at the same company.

Bryan Webb started at Vauxhall as an apprentice in 1946 when he walked into the office to ask if they had any jobs.

His colleagues presented him with a ceremonial spanner and unveiled a plaque in his honour on Wednesday.

Bryan Webb
Bryan Webb has retired at the age of 90 after 75 years with Vauxhall

He said he would miss work but was looking forward to having a cup of tea and a sleep in the afternoons.

Bryan Webb
Mr Webb, third from left, pictured a short time after joining as an apprentice in 1946

Mr Webb began his career as a mechanical apprentice and held other roles before spending the last 34 years as a warranty administrator.

He said that when he got to 65 he agreed to stay on “for a couple of years, and it turned into 25”.

“I always thought if you kept working it kept you young. If you work it keeps you going, it gets you up in the morning to get out,” he said.

Bryan Webb
His colleagues presented Mr Webb with a ceremonial spanner during his leaving party on Wednesday

Mr Webb said he was made a foreman in the 1950s after being a mechanic.

“I was in workshop control and working with trucks and cars,” he added.

“You had to wash engines off out in the cold and it was hard work in the early days but things change, cars change, and when you strip an engine now it’s clean rather than being full of muck,” he added.

Bryan Webb
Mr Webb said the biggest change he had seen in his 75-year career was the new technology used in vehicles

Local branch director Julian Bawdon said he joined in 2008 and asked Mr Webb how much longer he would stay on.

“I said to him as long as he can still do the job he can carry on, and here we are today with 75 years service,” he said.

“He’s as bright as a button. Bryan’s a character and we’ll all miss having him around.”

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