Double standards: Muda fined RM4,000 for holding press conference

Party sec-gen Amira Aisya slams authorities for unfair enforcement of SOP-compliance laws

KUALA LUMPUR :The announcement to contest in the Melaka state election turned out to be an expensive one for Muda as the party was slapped with a RM4,000 fine for holding the press conference.

In a tweet, party secretary-general Amira Aisya said that one of their members was called to the Melaka police headquarters after the press conference which lasted 10 minutes and included only five people.

Double standards: Muda fined RM4,000 for holding press conference
A picture of the compound letter sent to Muda for the press conference on Wednesday.(Oct 27) – @_amiraaisya Twitter pic, October 27, 2021

“We abided by the SOPs. Permission was granted. The rakyat is watching. Stop the double standards!”

She added that authorities had previously informed the party that it was allowed to hold the press conference as long as it adhered to standard operating procedures, including physical distancing.

She questioned why Muda was being targeted despite their adherence to SOPs, adding that the party had obtained the green light from police prior to the press conference.

“We contacted police authorities yesterday to ask for permission and were told that we could go ahead as long as SOPs such as social distancing were practiced. 

“We also met them (police authorities) before the start of the press conference and were told the same thing,” she said, adding that Muda had put in an effort to comply with regulations to show their commitment to SOP adherence. 

Amira went on to call out the double standards in enforcing SOP-compliance laws, citing an event organised by Barisan Nasional (BN) and attended by Datuk Seri Najib Razak. 

“When Najib was in a packed dewan, why was he not compounded? Why was BN not compounded when he (Najib) did not adhere to the SOPs?

“Why were we hit with a RM4,000 compound when our press conference was held at an open public space in compliance with SOPs?” 

Amira also tweeted a picture of the compound letter in response to a request by another Twitter user. 

In the press conference, Muda president Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman had announced that the youth-led party will be contesting in the upcoming Melaka election next month despite not being a registered political party. 

By : Qistina Nadia Dzulqarnain – THE VIBES

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