GPS will not work with Pribumi Bersatu in Sarawak election

KUCHING : Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) will not work with Pribumi Bersatu in the coming state election.

GPS secretary-general Datuk Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi said the Sarawak ruling coalition will not negotiate the matter with Pribumi Bersatu as it intends  to contest all the state’s 82 legislative seats.

Nanta, in his statement on Sunday (Oct 24) also refuted several news reports which alluded that he had confirmed negotiations between GPS and Pribumi Bersatu, which were both part of the current federal government.

He explained that the “mistake” happened in the reporting of a press conference in Kuching on Oct 21 when he was quoted as saying that GPS will discuss the position of the Kerian seat.

“I am disappointed with the actions of some media outlets that ‘put words into my mouth’ to sensationalise issues of seat allocation for the 12th State Election,” read his statement.

GPS and PBB Secretary-General Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi

Krian is the sole Sarawak state seat held by Pribumi Bersatu courtesy of its assemblyman Datuk Ali Biju switching his allegiance  to the party from PKR last year.

Ali, who is also the Saratok member of parliament, was among several PKR MPs who defected from the party, triggering the collapse of then Pakatan Harapan federal government.


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