Harapan not in a rush for Idris quartet to join – Anwar

PKR president says they have not formally applied to join coalition.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said there is no rush to offer four independent assemblypersons led by former Malacca chief minister Idris Haron a place in Pakatan Harapan.

Anwar said while the four have expressed an interest to join the coalition, they have not made a formal application.

Hence, he said the coalition will give the four time to reach out.

“We don’t want to rush. We will give them time to contact us,” he told reporters tonight (Oct 20).

He was met after chairing a Harapan presidential council meeting at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

The quartet consists of Idris (former Sungai Udang assemblyperson), Nor Azman Hassan (Pantai Kundor), Noor Effandi Ahmad (Telok Mas) and Norhizam Hassan Baktee (Pengkalan Batu).

They were previously aligned to the BN-led state government but withdrew support causing it to collapse. The move has led to a state election scheduled for Nov 20.

Two of the assemblypersons, Norhizam and Noor Effandi, had previously contributed to the Harapan-led Malacca government’s downfall as well last year.

Incumbent Pengkalan Batu assemblyperson Norhizam Hassan Baktee

Norhizam is a former DAP member and the party has point-blank said it does not want him as a candidate.

PKR, however, appears to be courting the quartet, much to the chagrin of others within the party and Harapan.

It is understood that the quartet’s possible inclusion into the coalition was discussed at the Harapan meeting today, but no decision was made.

Meeting with EC

Anwar informed that the coalition has decided to meet with the Election Commission (EC) as soon as possible.

“We don’t want the EC to be made a tool to violate rules that impinge on the freedom of expression,” the Harapan chairperson said.


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