Who is Guan Eng to stop me from contesting, says Norhizam

PETALING JAYA : Former DAP assemblyman Norhizam Hassan Baktee says the party’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has no right to prevent him from contesting under the Pakatan Harapan (PH) banner in the Melaka state election on Nov 20.

The Pengkalan Batu assemblyman, who was instrumental in bringing down the Melaka state government twice, told FMT that Lim should be aware that his party did not have the support of the people, especially the Malays.

“Am I joining DAP? Who in DAP is going to stop me? I did not say I want to return to DAP.

“If I join PKR, what has it got to do with Lim? If I join Amanah, what has it got to do with Lim? If I join Pejuang, what has it got to do with Lim?” said Norhizam.

Norhizam Hassan Baktee says DAP does not have the support of the people, especially the Malays.

“He is a DAP man and should just look after his own party. You know that the people have rejected this Chinese party,” he said.

Norhizam also said he had received offers of cooperation from various parties for the Melaka state election, but he was still open to discussions before making a decision.

“So far, many parties have approached me. We’ll see which party I pick,” he said, adding that the candidate being fielded was more important than the party name or logo.

On his withdrawal of support for the Umno-led state government along with three other assemblymen, Norhizam said he would never collude with the “wrongdoing and wickedness that was happening in front of my eyes”.

“I am fighting to defend my dignity because ignorance, wrongdoing and wickedness is happening in front of my eyes. I refuse (to be a part of it), I have principles,” said Norhizam, who left DAP in March 2020, in a move that led to the collapse of the PH state government.

He also said his priority was the people of Melaka and that he was willing to sacrifice his position and political future for them.

When asked if he was open to collaborating with Umno in the coming state election, he stressed that he would never work with the Malay party.

It was reported previously that Norhizam, along with Idris Haron (Sungai Udang), Noor Effandi Ahmad (Telok Mas) and Nor Azman Hassan (Pantai Kundor), wanted to contest under PH in the Melaka election and had met opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and other coalition leaders to discuss the matter.

However, they admitted that they were “newcomers” to PH and would leave it to the state coalition leadership to decide.

By : Nora Mahpar – FMT

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