Taiwan Expert: Biomedical Industry embraces business model shifts

KUALA LUMPUR : Efficient, personalised and integrating medical services are the new trends of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic, said an expert from Taiwan quasi-governmental Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

In a statement today, ITRI vice-president Dr Lin Chii-Wann said that under the threat of the pandemic, people were seeing the new emerging business model of biomedical industrials and medical services were moving from centralised to personalised to look after the individual needs.

“Nowadays technology has become the great pushing force to accelerate the development of smart meditech to make medical devices more intelligent, simple and easy to use at home and at bed site,” remarked Lin, who is also the director of ITRI’s Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories.

He said this during a webinar title Smart Medical and Biotesting Webinar held on Thursday (Oct 14).

The one-hour webinar was part of a series of events held by Taiwan Excellence to highlight the island’s strengths and to boost its visibility in international markets.

In response to the healthcare trend, the webinar covered Taiwan’s applications from screening tests for COVID-19, early stage of disease to 3D printing medical devices.

Being Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of nanomagnetic bead-based nucleic acid purification reagents and instruments, Taiwan Advanced Nanotech (TANBead) stressed that COVID-19 has made nucleic acid testing an indispensable tool for pandemic prevention around the world.

TANBead emphasised nucleic acid detection has a higher accuracy which can reduce the gap period or false positive/negative results compared with fast screening for antibody or antigen detection.

Other innovations present at the webinar included Young Optics’s MiiCraft Prime and Alpha series Optical 3D Printer, Sigknow Biomedical’s EZYPRO Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solution and Aeon Biotherapeutics’s Acti-PRP and A-BMC solutions applied in regenerative medicine.


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