Politicians are least trusted post-pandemic: Ipsos

POLITICIANS are least trusted professions in the post-pandemic era, a situation that is not only exclusive to Malaysia but also across the world, according to Ipsos Malaysia.

Ipsos’  “Trust in Professions” study also revealed that doctors are now the most trusted profession in the country, although top five trusted professions remains fairly consistent from 2019.

This is attributable to more Malaysians have been interacting with the healthcare system than ever before, and it is reflected in doctors surpassing teachers as the most trusted profession.

While bankers are highly trusted among Malaysians, it is one of the least trusted professions in a global perspective, it added.

Malaysians are no different in trusting politicians less – both government ministers and politicians generally are among the least trusted professions, the report stated.

“As the country grapples with getting the pandemic under control, all sections of society are forced to play a part in the recovery process.

Trust is a key ingredient in facilitating a broad response, hereunder the trust ordinary people have in society’s leading professions,” Lars Erik Lie, Associate Director Ipsos Public Affairs said in a statement.

“At the other end of the scale, politicians are the least trusted – that’s the case across the world, as well as in Malaysia. Similar to health care professionals, politicians and government ministers have been visible faces throughout the pandemic, without reaping the same benefits in terms of trust in their profession,” he said. 


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