Why are Malay-Muslim champions silent on Pandora Papers, asks Anwar

Capital flight will impoverish Malays, bankrupt country, says opposition leader.

PARLIAMENT | Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has taken a jab at Umno, Bersatu and PAS for their alleged silence on the capital flight reported in the Pandora Papers.

He said the silence was striking as it betrayed Malay-Muslim values while being detrimental to the community at large.

“I haven’t heard a single voice from the government side who wants this investigated.

“If we are all Malay champions, does the Malay culture allow such major pillaging?

“We have not heard from the Malay champions and the champions of Islam.

“There is a dissonance from what is being said by these rights champions, who at the same time oppress the truth,” Anwar said in the Dewan Rakyat.

He added that leaders are being allowed to hoard wealth offshore while the country is poor, millions are jobless and many others lack access to food.

Anwar (Pakatan Harapan-Port Dickson) said this while protesting Dewan Rakyat Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun rejecting his appeal to debate the Pandora Papers in the lower house on a technicality.

Deputy Speaker Rashid Hasnon said the appeal – submitted yesterday – was rejected as it did not fulfil the two-day notice. Tuesday (Oct 12) is the last day for the current session.

Give room for investigation

Meanwhile, while Anwar was lamenting a lack of debate, Mohamad Sabu (Harapan-Kota Raja) interjected and joked that the opposition leader was jealous of those who had wealth offshore.

“Don’t be jealous, Port Dickson. We want to learn where to get money. I have been an MP four times and don’t have millions,” the Amanah president said.

Anwar, however, replied that Mohamad should not learn such things as it would only bring detriment.

“Kota Raja should not learn these things. Its effect is that Muslims become vagabonds, Malays become impoverished and the country will be destroyed by bankruptcy,” he said.

Anwar reiterated that he simply wants a debate and for the government to give room for an investigation into capital outflows by Malaysians to be investigated.


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