I never took RM2mil bribe from Nicky Liow, says MCA’s Michael Chong

PETALING JAYA: MCA public services and complaints department chief Michael Chong has denied allegations that he received RM2 million from Nicky Liow.

This comes after a tweet by “Edisi Siasat”, which claimed that Liow had paid RM2 million to Chong through his (Chong’s) lawyer to resolve his case for assaulting two Rela personnel.

“Edisi Siasat has clear evidence of bribery payments to Michael Chong,” it said in the tweet yesterday.

At a press conference today, Chong said he was surprised by the allegations, adding that they were damaging to his reputation.

Michael Chong holding a copy of the tweet by ‘Edisi Siasat’.

“I ask and welcome Edisi Siasat to come forward and present this evidence. I would like to know which lawyer had taken the money and whether it is true that I took the money.

“I’m not sure who wrote it (the tweet) but these people are cowards for writing it behind their computer screens. We are ready to sue them for false allegations,” he said.

James Ee, a lawyer with Chong’s department, said he was one of the three lawyers who attended the watching brief for the Rela personnel and that he had not received any bribes from Liow.

“In the tweet, it says the money was paid through one of the lawyers and this indirectly implicates me. I’m here to very boldly say I did not receive a single sen,” he said.

Chong also believed that the other two lawyers did not receive a bribe.

He told Liow to return to Malaysia and face his charges.

He said the last time he saw Liow was in 2020 and was told that he was remorseful over the Rela incident.

“Liow apologised and told me he had learned his lesson and asked for forgiveness. There is no personal interest between us,” he said.

Liow, 33, first gained notoriety in 2017 when he was arrested for assaulting two Rela personnel. He was acquitted and discharged two years later after the victims agreed to a settlement.

On April 9, he and his brother were charged in absentia at the Petaling Jaya sessions court for alleged involvement in an organised crime group.

Recent reports said investigations showed that Liow was last seen at Setiawalk, Puchong, on March 20 and was on the run with several bags of cash.

Police have obtained an Interpol Red Notice to locate and arrest him and his Chinese assistant, Niu Zhi, 31.

By : Samuel Chua – FMT

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