Anwar on never becoming PM: Que será será

Opposition leader says he will continue holding the government accountable.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today said that should he never become prime minister, “so be it”.

Anwar, 74, said this in an interview with Australia’s ABC Radio when he was asked if he still believed he could be prime minister one day.

“Well, when you’re taking up cases like the Pandora Papers, it would only make it more challenging and difficult.

“The whole power apparatus, political elites, conglomerates and apparatchiks in the media will gun for you. So I don’t worry about that.

“I just do my tasks, que será será. If I continue to be the opposition leader, so be it. If I become prime minister, I will say thank God Almighty,” said Anwar.

Anwar has come close to the top job twice – once as deputy prime minister in the 1990s and as Pakatan Harapan’s second prime minister-designate in between mid-2018 and early-2020.

In his first bid, he was sacked from the cabinet by then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The second bid, which involved Mahathir promising in writing to hand over the reins, was thwarted when the Harapan administration was toppled through defections from Bersatu and PKR.

Separately, Anwar said Australia’s decision to build nuclear-powered submarines with the help of the US and UK was a form of provocation.

On the Pandora Papers, Anwar said that the matter concerning illicit outflows and clandestine bank accounts was not new.

He said that in 2011, he had told the government through Parliament to investigate the Global Financial Integrity report which claimed that there was RM208 billion ringgit in illicit outflows.

“I did raise it to the prime minister when we met yesterday afternoon. He asked what else can be done. I said we must conduct a full investigation.

“People can have accounts abroad, but if you are a public official with hundreds of millions stashed off-shore, you must be held accountable,” said Anwar.


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