MCA defends Dong Zong after attacks from DAP

This is over the RM15m for 63 Chinese independent schools.

MCA has spoken out in defence of Dong Zong after the latter was criticised by the DAP.

This was over the RM15 million allocation for 63 Chinese independent schools nationwide.

On Thursday (Sept 30), Dong Zong president Tan Tai Kim confirmed with Malaysiakini that 63 private Chinese schools have recently started to receive funding from the government.

He described the allocation as “timely rain” for the schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. And for that, he expressed gratitude to MCA president Wee Ka Siong and the party’s deputy president Mah Hang Soon.

However, after the news broke out, DAP central executive committee member Wong Kah Woh mocked Tan for being a hypocrite.

“Please give a big applause to Dong Zong and Tan Tai Kim,” Wong said sarcastically in a Facebook post yesterday (Sept 30).

“The allocation for Chinese independent schools was described as ‘timely rain’ when you wanted to bootlick MCA.

“But you said it was ‘a drop in the bucket’ when you rubbished Harapan.”

Wong, who is also the MP for Ipoh Timur, highlighted two different statements issued by Dong Zong.

The term “a drop in the bucket” was used by Tan when the Harapan government allocated the same amount of funds for Chinese independent schools in Budget 2019.

‘Come after MCA, leave Dong Zong alone

When contacted, Tan refused to comment on Wong’s criticism.

Instead, he sent his 2019 speech text, in which he had thanked the Harapan government for the allocations.

In a statement today (Oct 1), MCA spokesperson Mike Chong came to Tan’s defence.

“I want to advise Wong, please come after MCA instead of Dong Zong, if you have any dissatisfaction,” he said.

Chong said Tan’s statement was issued to clear the air after DAP’s Nga Kor Ming tried to claim credit for the allocation.

Nga, who is DAP deputy secretary-general, claimed the allocation was a result of Harapan’s efforts after signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government.

In a similar statement, Wee cited a proverb to ridicule Nga.

“The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.

“Indeed, people who didn’t contribute are now claiming credit,” Wee said in a Facebook posting today.


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