Rafidah slams ‘unrealistic’ 12MP targets

PETALING JAYA: Former federal minister Rafidah Aziz has dismissed the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP), saying its targets are unrealistic, akin to “trying to run a 100m race with dislocated kneecaps”.

Rafidah, a former international trade and industry minister, said all five-year development plans must be based on realistic assumptions as well as domestic, regional and global developments.

However, she said, many questions have been asked about this “ambitious” plan’s targets, especially when the country had yet to recover from the pandemic.

“The main premise of the plan should be the sustained recovery of the nation in all key areas. In fact, the national recovery plan, based upon a successful management of the pandemic, should be the lynchpin of the 12MP.”

Rafidah questioned whether foreign investors would come to a country which had Bumiputera share ownership policies.

“That policy will set Malaysia back as a preferred investment destination,” she said, apparently referring to a deferred ruling that all freight forwarding companies must be at least 51% Bumiputera-owned.

The enforcement of the ruling has been postponed to December next year after an outcry.

Rafidah also said an unstable and incompetent government will put off investors.

Rafidah Aziz said the 51% Bumiputra-ownership ruling and an unstable, incompetent government will put off investors.

“As for eradicating hardcore poverty by 2025, please get real. Just plan to lighten the burden of those impoverished by Covid-19 and provide them new avenues to lead decent lives and enjoy a regular income.”

She also criticised the government on its carbon emissions reduction targets in the 12MP.

“(These) ring hollow when we continue to witness the continuous rape of forests, highlands and the environment.

“I can go on and on, touching upon all the enunciated plans and targets but these examples will suffice for now,” she said.


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