Street Artist Uses Flowering Trees as “Natural Hair” To Complete Portraits of Women and Girls

Fabio Gomes Trinidade is a Brazilian street artist, who blends natural elements with street art and creates a new niche of murals. He uses nature to complete his works and add a new touch to them, by incorporating trees from the street into his artwork. Trinidade paints portraits and uses trees to create a part of the head, namely the hair of his characters.

This gives a surprising twist to his works, as depending on the trees and their flowers, Trinidade’s characters can have hair colored in every shade. By using the environment to create a new form of street art and urban regeneration, he manages to draw everyone’s attention to the importance of green spaces in cities.

His latest pieces are inspired by Egypt Sarai, a child model and the young lady can be seen showcasing a wonderful pink coif. By using vibrant colors, Trinidade manages to capture the youthfulness and softness of Sarai and paint murals with a very humane touch.

(Fábio Gomes Trindade: Instagram)


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