Malaysian girl who won invention awards highlighted on James Corden’s show

Corden talks about Maryam Muzamir in an episode on sustainability.

The work of 11-year-old Maryam Muzamir with converting seafood shells into sustainable livestock feed was highlighted on The Late Late Show with James Corden in the US.

Maryam (below) last month won three awards at the International Invention Innovation Competition (Ican) in Toronto, Canada for converting shrimp and sea snail shells, that would otherwise become food waste, into livestock feed.

The particular episode of the US talk show, which aired on Sept 23, focussed on the issue of climate change and sustainability.

“Let me tell you, you might have heard about this girl, it’s absolutely incredible – Maryam Muzamir. She’s an 11-year-old girl in Malaysia.

“She found a use for a common food waste – seafood shells – and she makes those shells into a new sustainable healthy livestock feed,” the show’s host Corden said.

A clip of the show has also been posted on its official Twitter account.

Corden is also known for his popular carpool karaoke segment with celebrities.

Maryam, a Standard 5 pupil from SK(P) Methodist Kuantan, embarked on an effort to make use of seafood shells after reading an article that they contained chitin, a compound that is beneficial to the health of livestock.

She won the gold medal at the Ican 2021 as well as the Canadian Special Award and the Best Young Inventor Award.


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