Zahid says BN betrayed, MPs who jumped ship are ‘weak’

He says BN must learn from GE14’s ‘black history’.

BN chairperson Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has blasted MPs who abandoned the former longtime ruling coalition after it fell from power, saying it was an undignified act and calling them “weak” (dayus).

Speaking at the Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) annual general assembly at Menara Dato Onn, which was held virtually today, Zahid said BN felt betrayed as a result of the elected representatives’ actions.

“Their actions have clearly violated the trust given to them.

“Those who jumped parties are actually chasing money, power, and also fear charges that can drag them into the court cluster.

“We need to use the black history of the 14th general election (GE14) as a lesson. Our goal is to rise again. Any internal party issues, whether within Umno, component parties or other parties must be resolved before the next election,” he added.

After BN was voted out in GE14, a total of 15 MPs who won on a BN ticket ditched the coalition to join other parties, with a majority of them moving from Umno to Bersatu.

Among the high-profile defectors include ministers Hamzah Zainudin, Mustapa Mohamed, Abdul Latiff Ahmad, and Ronald Kiandee, all of whom won in the last election as Umno candidates but now represent Bersatu.

BN also shrank after nine of the 13 component parties announced their withdrawal from the coalition, which now only comprises Umno, MCA, MIC and PBRS.

MMSP to run under BN banner

Zahid reiterated that MMSP will be given a place to contest under the BN ticket in the next polls.

“MMSP will be given the opportunity to contest based on its 13-year loyalty to BN.

“Make MMSP an asset. I feel we will discuss with our friends in BN, we will give a place in GE15 in Parliament or in state assemblies to contest later,” he said.

For the record, during the campaign in the Slim by-election last year, Zahid said that MMSP would be given the opportunity to contest in GE15.

The Umno president also stated that MMSP’s support for BN could revive the coalition.

However, MIC has traditionally opposed the entry of other ethnic Indian parties such as the Indian Progressive Front led by the late G Pandithan.

Earlier, during his policy speech, MMSP president RS Thanendran asked BN to give his party the opportunity to contest in four parliamentary and 11 state seats in the next general election.


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