A walk through the Kuala Langat forest reserve

The forest has long been home to the Temuan Orang Asli who obtain much of what they need from the trees and animals that live there.

Orang Asli men from the Temuan tribe walk through the Kampung Orang Asli Pulau Moyang forest, one of the last remaining peat forests in the North Kuala Langat Forest Reserve.
A sign attached to a tree trunk in the forest indicates the border of the peat forest, which was part of the area initially degazetted for development by the Selangor government.
An Orang Asli man picks leaves from a tree known as pokok kulim. The leaves are used for cooking as they have a smell similar to that of garlic.
This plant, known as pokok puntat, is used in fishing as the liquid squeezed from its roots can cause fish to become bloated while remaining safe to eat.
An Orang Asli man uses a blow pipe to hunt for food in the forest.
Some of the darts, or ‘damak’, used by the Orang Asli in their hunting activities. The poison is extracted from the trees in the reserve.
The wood from the trees also provides the Orang Asli with the material they need for furniture. Here, an Orang Asli man strips down some wood from the bertam tree in order to make a table.
His hut in the forest is also made from the same bertam wood.
An Orang Asli woman weaves a bag out of mengkuang leaves, material which the forest also provides.
She also tends to the plants in her garden which she uses for medicinal purposes, especially to help pregnant women.
An aerial view of the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve which the Selangor government recently agreed to regazette with the exception of some areas.
A sign stating that the Kuala Langat forest is a reserve area.
An aerial view of a peat swamp near the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve.
An Orang Asli man watches the activity at a construction site from a lookout tower near the forest reserve.
An aerial view of a commercial construction site next to the Kuala Langat forest which used to be part of the reserve area.
Postcards hang on a wall bearing messages from Malaysians unhappy with the initial move by the Selangor government to degazette the forest reserve.

By : Ahmad Sadiq Mohamad Sani – MALAYSIANOW

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