What it means to be under Phase 2 of the NRP

SELANGOR, KUALA LUMPUR and Putrajaya are now in the Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP).

While some of the restrictions in the SOPs remain, there are few relaxations for the vaccinated individuals, as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob recently.

Here is a guide of the SOPs for those in the Phase 2 states:


  • No travelling between districts / states / country
Fully Vaccinated Individuals
  • Inter-district travels are allowed
  • Vehicles may carry passengers at full capacity
  • Crossing states allowed for married couples and parents to children below 18 years old, with permission from PDRM
  • Citizens and non-citizens who have a residence in Malaysia and arrived from abroad, may have their compulsory quarantine at home


  • Public sector limited to 60% employee attendance at offices subject to the Chief Secretary to the Government’s directive
  • Private sector limited to 80% employee attendance capacity, for business sectors allowed to operate
  • Agricultural and commodities sector may operate at full capacity


Fully Vaccinated Individuals

Allowed to dine-in at restaurants at 50% table capacity, with physical distancing and SOP compliance


  • Temporary farmers market, and morning markets are open

Entertainment and broadcast

  • Development and broadcasting of creative content by recording or live broadcast ware allowed
  • Broadcast by recording or live broadcast in the form of information and entertainment presentation, in the presence of a fully-vaccinated audience, with an audience capacity of 30% in the studio space;
  • Filming the creative industry inside and outside the studio, with individuals who have completed vaccinations;
  • Indoor busking for individuals who have been vaccinated;
  • Presentation in the hotel lounge, for individuals who have been vaccinated;
  • Cinema activities for individuals who have been vaccinated, with a capacity of 50% in the cinema screening hall space;
  • Live performance activities such as theatre, musicals, music and comedy (pre-registered) with a fully-vaccinated audience as well as 30% audience capacity in the premises, and
  • Art exhibition activities in exhibition halls, museums and art galleries (by appointment) with visitors who have been vaccinated, and a visitor capacity of 30% in the space of the premises.


Indoor sports activities, except gyms, as well as indoor commercial sports and recreation facilities, will be allowed for individuals who have completed two doses of vaccine.

Use of the facilities must be done by appointment, in addition to compliance with SOPs.


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