N Sembilan PKR info chief sacked after move to oust MB

PETALING JAYA: Negeri Sembilan PKR information chief Yusof Tapar has been sacked from his position over his ‘attempt to oust’ state party chief Aminuddin Harun, who is also the menteri besar.

The dismissal letter, which was signed by Aminuddin, stated that Yusof was relieved of his post in the party due to the ‘latest developments’ and the press release the latter had issued on Sunday, Sinar Harian reported.

Confirming the dismissal, Yusof said he had been expecting the party to take action against him.

“In fact, I am happy because I am now more free to speak out. I do not want to conspire with people who have embarrassed PKR,” he was quoted as saying by the Malay daily, adding that he had previously asked to be relieved from his post four times.

Yusof also said that his dismissal, which came after he issued a statement regarding the loss of confidence in Aminuddin, proved that the state PKR does not take too well to criticism.

Aminuddin Harun has been accused of making decisions that went against PKR’s constitution.

“In the past, any branch head who spoke out would be suspended from the party,” he said.

“For me, this is an unhealthy culture that will eventually make party members fed up, and it will be a loss for the party.”

Last Sunday, a group of state PKR leaders led by Yusof said a leadership change was needed to ensure the party stayed relevant, claiming that the state party chief had failed to carry out plans to attract voters.

They also claimed that Aminuddin was not trying to strengthen Pakatan Harapan (PH) in the state ahead of the next general election and that he had failed to settle ongoing issues faced by the branches.

They also accused him of making decisions that went against the party’s constitution.

PH controls the state government having 20 out of the 36 seats in the state legislature. The PH reps comprise 11 from DAP, six from PKR and three from Amanah.

The opposition is made up of 16 assemblymen from Barisan Nasional (BN) – Umno (15) and MIC (1).

BN needs only three assemblymen to jump ship to effect a change in the state government and install a new menteri besar.


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