Help us rebuild corporate M’sia, business chamber tells the people

IN conjunction with Merdeka Day celebration, Malaysians, including the business community per se have to yield a level of unprecedented national solidarity in the war against the worst ever crisis – the COVID-19 – said the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) president Datuk Low Kian Chuan.

NCCIM is calling on all Malaysian to be in solidarity with the Government to assist businesses, entrepreneurs and the rakyatto overcome their financial and economic hardships caused by the COVID-19.

“Merdeka Day is a classic time to push the magic of ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ to deliver the powers of solidarity to combat the COVID-19, as well as steer the nation’s economic machinery and its ecosystem to be back on its feet and bouncing ahead with growth,” Low pointed out in a statement today (Aug 31).

The federation of five national trade organisations believes that Malaysians are enthusiastic and optimistic that victory is imminent while ‘Keluarga Malaysia‘ would deliver the victory with cognisance that national unity is a critical ingredient to its success.

In addition, NCCIM stressed that the Government needs to rebuild public confidence and trust in its competence as well as capacity to implement effective measures to overcome the pandemic with timely economic responses.

This includes to limit and assist on the sufferings of not only businesses but the rakyat as well along with navigating the nation out of the crisis and onto better economic footing.

“We hope the Government, with its National Recovery Council and the COVID-19 Special Task Force, will continue to review, enhance and recalibrate the strategies to combat the pandemic and help the rakyat as well as businesses to prepare for a safe, successful and sustainable reopening of the economy,” NCCIM remarked.

Furthermore, NCCIM and five constituent chambers, in coordination with the industry associations remain committed to help the business community, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to stay afloat in this trying time.


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