PM makes offer to other parties to keep govt intact

PETALING JAYA : With his government in crisis over a possible lack of support, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has made an overture to all parties to keep his administration intact during this critical juncture.

At a press conference today where he was surrounded by his key ministers, Muhyiddin said he would propose a framework for bipartisan political cooperation, including equal annual allocations for all MPs regardless of their political party.

“All MPs will get the same annual allocations regardless of their political party. For the opposition, the amount will be prorated for the remaining months.”

He pointed out as an example the RM300,000 allocation for all MPs and senators recently to provide food baskets for the needy in their constituencies.

Currently, government MPs get an annual allocation of RM3.5 million for their constituencies and another RM300,000 for office expenses while opposition MPs only get RM100,000 for their constituencies and nothing for office expenses.

All MPs will get the same annual allocations. For the opposition, the amount will be prorated for the remaining months, said Muhyiddin Yassin in making the offer.

He said this “all of government” approach will ensure political stability and a functioning administration.

Muhyiddin also made a host of other concessions, including increasing the ceiling for the Covid-19 fund by RM45 billion to RM65 billion to RM110 billion, additional aid for the people including the M40 and 50% of places in the parliamentary select committees for opposition members.

However, these would only be implemented if the vote of confidence for him was approved.

He also said he would call a special parliamentary sitting to discuss these issues if the opposition was agreeable.

“Additionally, if the government successfully gets bipartisan support in Parliament with more than two-thirds majority, the government will table a law to amend the Federal Constitution to limit the term of the prime minister to just two terms and an anti-hopping bill.”

He also said the government has agreed to implement the Undi18 initiative without waiting for automatic voter registration.

Muhyiddin also proposed the opposition leader be given the status of a senior minister in recognition of the role played by the opposition.

Muhyiddin also said political stability was important in the war against Covid-19 and that this was why the government needed the support and focus of all parties to help get the nation back on track.

He added that he will be inviting the heads of all political parties to meet next week to discuss his proposals.

“If the proposal for bi-partisan cooperation is agreed to, I will call for a special Dewan Rakyat session to table a motion of confidence for the prime minister soon.”

According to reports, 15 MPs from Umno had withdrawn support for Muhyiddin and his administration either through public or statutory declarations, leaving the governing coalition with only about 100 MPs in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat.

By : Nicholas Chung – FMT

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