FMM calls for opening of the economy based on the level of vaccination in companies

KUALA LUMPUR : The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) calls on the government to open up all economic sectors immediately based on company level vaccination rates with continued strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and periodical screening of workers.

It opined that failing to do so would result in more businesses having to fold up operations with irreparable damage to the economy and the risk of going into a recession with a long recovery period.

“The industry is most concerned with the prolonged closure of the non-essential sectors for almost three months now.”

“While FMM notes and welcomes the easing of restrictions for individuals who have been fully vaccinated, we look forward to similar easing of restriction on the business sectors which is desperately needed to ensure business viability as many are on the brink of collapse due to the extended business closure,” it said in a statement here today (Aug 10),

It is globally evident that fast rollout of vaccination is the answer to the reopening and revival of economies regardless of the continued threats of resurgence of cases due to the new and more virulent variants of the virus.

In this regard, with the ramping up of the national immunisation programme, it is imperative for the government to immediately remove the segregation of essential and non-essential sectors since businesses are interconnected where the continuation of operations of the so-called essential sectors require the support from the non-essential sectors for inputs and critical services.

“Much effort, time and financial resources have been deployed by employers to ramp up their company level vaccinations as they recognise it is their only ticket to returning to normalcy in their business operations and sustainability,” it added.


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