“Tony Pua’s idea unbelievable, Muhyiddin must be shown the exit!”

A DAP leader today disagreed with his own colleague’s opinion that Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders should consider “tolerating” Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin until the next general election.

“Our MP warned that a power vacuum created by the downfall of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) Government may allow the Umno ‘kleptocrats’ to be back in power.

“On first reading, it appears to me, he is just scaremongering. On further analysis, I find the idea incredulous, incoherent and incongruent to DAP’s position,” party central executive committee member Ronnie Liu told FocusM. 

Ronnie Liu

On Aug 5, DAP National Publicity secretary Tony Pua urged party leaders to exercise caution in the event Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin falls from power.

He deduced that Umno, the single party with most number of seats in Perikatan, may take over and affect some criminal court cases involving its party’s leaders.

“And when a Umno leader becomes premier, wouldn’t all the kleptocrats be set free or even regain power?

“When Umno becomes head honcho in the Government again, you can bet it will consolidate its political power to emerge even stronger after the next election,” the Damansara MP was reported saying.

On that note, Liu said that Pua’s assessment was purely made from speculation, adding that former Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor won the appeal on his corruption charges during Perikatan’s reign.

“And isn’t this a good motivation for the ‘court cluster’ to support Muhyiddin and make him even stronger?” the Sungai Pelek state assemblyperson queried.

Muhyiddin caused too much damage 

In general, Liu alleged that Muhyiddin has become a clear and present danger to Malaysians, with his mismanagement of COVID-19 resulting in more than one million infections, with over 10,000 deaths.

DAP National Publicity secretary Tony Pua

He added that this was on top of millions losing their livelihoods and businesses closing down, triggering people to commit suicide.

“I shudder to think of allowing Muhyiddin to continue for another 24 months. Don’t you think continuing to support the Pagoh MP is an insane idea?” Liu asked.

He then urged DAP MPs to do the right thing and support a vote of no confidence against Muhyiddin as the country needs a competent leader to deal with both political and public health crises.

“Personally, I have no issues with Muhyiddin but we must acknowledge that just like former US president Donald Trump, the former was promoted to his level of incompetence.

“Giving more time to an incompetent prime minister is akin to giving more alcoholic beverage to an alcoholic and hoping that he will reform,” Liu remarked.


1 Comment

  1. I agreed with YB Ronnie Liu’s findings..
    It is pretty obvious that the present illegitimate PM is destroying this country bcos of his incompetencies..
    To wait for another 24 months will makes it almost impossible to repair the Nation and worst of all, many more lives will be sacrifized…
    It is not so much a question of power wrestling but the lives of the people…!!!


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