Duo looking forward to flying ‘wau bulan’ again after MCO

KOTA BARU: Two best friends, Shafawi Kamaruddin, 39, and Mohd Nafaqis Razlan, 31, have been taking part in international kite flying competition since five years ago and even won some awards.

But since 2019, they were unable to fly their favourite ‘wau bulan’ as all competitions were not allowed to be held in the country due to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“Since the MCO was imposed following the Covid-19 pandemic, we could only play with the kite outside our homes.

“Most of the time, we will keep them in the store of our houses,” said Shafawi, from Kota Baru.

 - Pix by Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah
– Pix by Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

Before the MCO, Shafawi said they would take part in international kite competitions held in Kelantan and other states such as Johor.null

“Most of the time, we will get some cash after winning prizes in the competitions, but nowadays, we rely on other sources of income while waiting for the government to lift the MCO,” he said.

Nafaqis said they have several type of kites made especially for competitions but the majority of them of the Bulan (moon) version.

“At the moment, we have no plans of selling our kites although there have been several offers made. 

“We still want to keep the kites although they have not flown for more than two years.

“We loved the kites because we made them using our own design,” he said.

By : Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah – NST

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