Four plants that bring mouth-watering aromas to the garden

NEW YORK : Forget the kitchen, these plants will bring the mouth-watering scent of coffee, chocolate and even curry to your garden. Get ready to unleash the aroma with the tasty smells of these four plants.

Wake up and smell the coffee with Bignonia capreolata

Commonly known as the crossvine, this plant grows pretty carmine red trumpets with petals in the form of a small yellow sunburst. On top of that, this plant has a surprising mocha aroma, with a coffee or chocolate smell. Native to the south-eastern United States, this flower is a veritable feast for the senses with its delicious smell and colourful blooms.

Cosmos atrosanguineus, native to Mexico, has a chocolate aroma. magicflute002/Getty Images pic via ETX Studio
Cosmos atrosanguineus, native to Mexico, has a chocolate aroma. magicflute002/Getty Images pic via ETX Studio

The sweet smell of chocolate with Cosmos atrosanguineus

Hailing from Mexico, the country of cacao, it’s perhaps no coincidence that this plant gives off a chocolate aroma. This sweet-smelling plant blooms from June to October. Its blooms also start off almost black before turning a deep purple-red colour. In short, the so-called chocolate cosmos is a delightful little plant to try in a pot.

A curry aroma with Helichrysum italicum

Also known as immortelle or the curry plant, this shrub-like plant with gray evergreen foliage and yellow flowers smells just like curry. Its flowers could almost be mistaken for mimosa flowers, but immortelle grows in bush, close to the ground, rather than on a tree. The plant’s exotic aroma whisks you away right in your garden, and it’s relatively hardy, even withstanding heat waves.

Citrus crush with lemon verbena

This little-known perennial shrub isn’t short of charm, and is often used in herbal teas or potpourri. It also gives off a deliciously delicate lemon smell, and bears some resemblance to its cousin, lemon balm. Its leaves bring a subtle citrus scent to gardens and interiors.

ETX Studio

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