Malaysia deserves better than this failed govt, says Rafidah

PETALING JAYA : Malaysia’s “Iron Lady” Rafidah Aziz has taken aim at the Muhyiddin Yassin-led government again, saying Malaysia and its citizens deserve much more than the Perikatan Nasional administration.

The former federal minister said the current “depressing state of affairs” was down to the incompetence of Muhyiddin’s government, which was not elected by the people but formed through the “backdoor”.

She said PN took over Putrajaya through “attachments of convenience” with no manifesto on how to govern the country, while replacing good governance with an “almost dictatorial” approach in managing Malaysia.

She added that the government has continued doing all it can to hang on to power while fumbling in its attempt to manage the pandemic and the economy.

She also pointed out many weaknesses: “The endless political infighting, reflecting the fragility of the ‘attachments’; the reluctance to reconvene Parliament for fear of votes of no confidence and questions that would surely be raised on various issues concerning the people.

“The detachment of the bloated Cabinet to the realities on the ground and the inability to assign tasks to the many deputy ministers. Clearly, a serial incompetent government is by any measure and evaluation a failed government.

Malaysia deserves better than this failed govt, says Rafidah | Free Malaysia  Today (FMT)

“Even in the worst of times and situations, a competent, well-grounded, and responsible government will get the nation through the difficulties. Malaysia and her people deserve better than the failed backdoor government,” she said.

Yesterday, Malaysia saw a record 11,079 Covid-19 cases, while health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah expected this figure to increase over the next two weeks. Some have predicted that the numbers may even hit 20,000.

Malaysians have taken their frustrations with PN to social media on multiple occasions, coming up with slogans like “kerajaan gagal”  and “kerajaan pembunuh”, among others.


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