Anwar submits motion to debate on emergency ordinances, Covid-19

The motion is intended to ensure that Parliament plays its role, says the opposition leader.

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has submitted a motion for the forthcoming special Dewan Rakyat sitting to ensure the House will debate the emergency ordinances and Covid-19 issues.

This was amid concerns that the government may limit the debate to procedural changes in order to allow a future hybrid (physical and virtual) sitting.

The concern arose after the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said the sitting would approve amendments to allow for a future hybrid sitting.

But on more pertinent issues such as on Covid-19 and the emergency ordinances, the government only said there would be a “briefing” or that they would be “tabled”, with no mention of a debate.

In the motion submitted to the Dewan Rakyat, Anwar (above) said he wants the proclamation of emergency and its related ordinances to be debated and not merely tabled.

He also called for a debate on the Covid-19 pandemic and related spendings, the vaccination effort and the National Recovery Plan.

The motion was submitted to Dewan Rakyat secretary Nizam Mydin Bacha Mydin yesterday (July 12).

Anwar, who is the Port Dickson MP, said the motion is intended to ensure that Parliament plays its role.

“The motion is to ensure that there would be a genuine and comprehensive debate in the context of a parliamentary democracy and in accordance with the rule of law,” he said.

The government finally decided to call a Parliament sitting on July 26, after repeated nudging by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Parliament has been suspended since Jan 11 after a state of emergency was declared, purportedly to fight the Covid-19 pandemic – which has since worsened.

Critics accused the government of using the emergency to fend off challenges amid Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s uncertain majority.


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