Namsan Park, a serene paradise of blooms

Japan might be the go-to country in Asia best known for its sakura (cherry blossoms) but Korea also puts on an excellent floral display in springtime (typically from March to June).

One of the best places to enjoy cherry blossoms in Seoul is Namsan Park, especially in mid-April, when the flowers are usually at their peak.

Foreign tourists enjoying the cherry blossom at Namsan Park, Seoul. (Thrifty Traveller pic)
N Seoul Tower is 236m high and stands on top of Namsan hill which is 243m above sea level. (Thrifty Traveller pic)

The park is conveniently located in the heart of the city. Many local office and factory workers love to stretch their legs at the park during their breaks.

Traditional Korean architecture in Namsan Park. (Thrifty Traveller pic)

Reaching the top of the hill is quite a long walk, but nonetheless, it is an enjoyable feast for the eyes. What’s more, a walk in Namsan Park is truly relaxing because of the cool air that greets visitors during cherry blossom season.

That said, a magnificent view awaits at the top of Namsan hill, which is also called Mount Mongmyeok.

View of Seoul from the peak of Namsan Park. (Thrifty Traveller pic)

In addition to foreign tourists, a lot of locals also frequent the peak, due to the sweeping views of the city below.

The craze of ‘love padlocks’ appears to have taken hold in South Korea too.

In case you are not familiar, this fad is where sweethearts lock a padlock to an immovable fixture like a bridge and then throw away the key to symbolise their unbreakable bond.

Colourful love padlocks attached to railings at Seoul Tower. (Thrifty Traveller pic)

The padlocks are usually inscribed with the couple’s names or initials. And it goes without saying, that it’s definitely great business for padlock vendors!

However, if you don’t want to spend your money on these mushy padlocks, you could spend it on some very tasty micro-brewed craft beer.

Platinum Craft Beer in Seoul. (Thrifty Traveller pic)

If you like Japanese-style hanami (cherry blossom viewing) but don’t like the crowds in Japan, then Namsan Park is the place to be. You and your loved ones will love it.

By : Thrifty Traveller

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